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Arizona Clients

Insurance companies, credit unions and banks all across Arizona rely on Crosby & Gladner for our quality subrogation services

Crosby & Gladner, P.C. is currently accepting new clients. We are keen to reach out to businesses, banks, and credit unions in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Whether you have a single case you need help with, or you are interested in referring multiple cases to us, we are ready and willing to help.

We are lawyers who specialize in subrogation cases throughout Arizona. Our offices can also help with insurance claims, debt recovery processes, commercial breach of contract cases, and foreclosures. Please note that we only work with individuals in foreclosure cases, with the rest of our work targeted at business clients and banks.

For information about our rates and other details, please get in touch with us via status@candglaw.com. We offer competitive rates to clients all over Arizona. Whether you are based in Tucson, Mesa, Phoenix, or rural Arizona, we can provide you with legal representation for a fair and transparent rate.

If you are a current client looking for a status update on a case we are handling for you, please email your request to status@candglaw.com. Be sure to include our file number and your reference number to allow us to quickly find the information you need. You can also use this email address for questions about billing.

Alternatively, current and potential clients can reach us by phone at 602-274-9100, extension 1000.

If we have a case against you, please do not email our status update email address, which is only for clients of Crosby & Gladner, P.C. Instead, please click here for information.