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Areas of Practice

As Arizona lawyers, we offer a variety of services from subrogation to forecloresure

Although we are not a general law firm, Crosby & Gladner, P.C. can handle a broad range of cases. We specialize in the following areas of law.


Crosby & Gladner, P.C. specializes in subrogation case in Arizona. We handle insurance losses for all types of claims, including automobile, property, uninsured motorist, product liability, negligence, and breach of contract cases.


We also handle arbitration and litigation for commercial claims of any kind. If a case goes to trial, we can provide representation, as well as help clients with appeals in cases of this nature.


Crosby & Gladner handles consumer debt on behalf of companies, banks, and credit unions. We can help you go through the legal processes of recovering money when your borrowers default on their debts.

We help commercial creditors recover debts from other businesses. Over the years, Crosby & Gladner, P.C. has handled recovery on behalf of banks, credit unions, and other companies. As well as unpaid debt cases, we can provide legal help in recovering losses that occur from breach of contract.

Arbitration Forums

When a case needs to be submitted to Arbitration Forums, we can handle the process from beginning to end. Arbitration Forums is a non-profit organization that provides dispute resolution services for its 4,700 members. It’s the largest provider of arbitration services in the United States. When you work with Crosby & Gladner, P.C., you have access to this valuable service.


Our offices also handle foreclosures for any bank or company. Although our primary focus is on handling cases for our business and commercial clients, we also take on foreclosure cases on behalf of individuals.

If you need the services of a subrogation lawyer in Arizona, or any of the above services, don’t hesitate to contact our offices today!